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  • Pottery In Sri Lanka

The earliest potter in Sri Lanka stood at his wheel as far back as 500 BC and his mind was filled with artistic traditions inspired by the surroundings. In his hand was one of the world’s richest clays, the raw material that has since helped Sri Lanka make a name for itself in the ceramics and porcelain industry world wide.

The techniques used centuries ago may seem rather basic by today’s standards but the level of creativity that was part and parcel of the industry at the time added a touch of class and splendor to the end product.

End products of the local industry came in forms of pots, goblets, drinking vessels and receptacles – and they reach the humble farmer and powerful monarch alike.

  • Our History

While pottery has retained its artisan-like quality, it has become a global enterprise. Dankotuwa Porcelain and its subsidiary Royal Fernwood are well-known producers of innovative and designer tableware.

The factory located in Dankotuwa and Kosgama has been in existence for over three decades and at present has a production capacity of 1.6 million pieces per month.

Our combination of delivering a quality product with exquisite designs, give us the opportunity to enjoy a diverse customer base.

Designed by Infolink Solutions (Pvt) Ltd
Designed by Infolink Solutions (Pvt) Ltd
  • Our Skills

The transformation of a handful of dust into a symbol of beauty reveals a spectacular story. Forming a porcelain object is an art which cannot be completed without human intervention.

No room is left in the production process for slipping in an inferior item to the market. Dankotuwa Porcelain guarantees the same quality that maintained through two decades, it is a blend of superior technology and dedicated craftsmanship enriched by an enduring history.

These beautiful products are a stark reminder of the spirit of innovation and creativity and of being crafted with mastery and finesse.

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  • Our Design

We have created unusual, timeless and modern collections of porcelain and gastronomy that expresses an individual and exclusive table culture.

We seek to disburse to our customers relaxation especially at meals: at breakfast or brunch, over morning coffee or afternoon tea with good friends, or at a sociable pasta supper.

We create items that are practical, high-quality, stylish and, above all, make people’s lives better.

We have particular skill in identifying and distilling the best elements from the glorious past and transforming them into striking modern designs.

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  • Plating the Gastronomy

Its exquisite designs, vibrant colours and peerless quality continue to fascinate buyers the world over.

Charactarised by individual artistry, innovative shapes and superior glazes Dankotuwa Porcelain aims to stay ahead of the competition, hiring experienced designers from around the globe to design new shapes and motifs and continues to innovate.

The Company pride itself as trendsetters in the global tableware industry. Its state-of-the-art designs and shapes complement individual lifestyles. The elegance, sophistication and superiority of Dankotuwa Porcelain – Especially its gold and platinum range and the vastly improved printing of decals – have earned them a reputation for being the best in Asia..

Dankotuwa Porcelain and Royal Fernwood Porcelain have created their own niche in the porcelain tableware market worldwide. From the potter's wheel to sophisticated technologically advanced equipment -they have grown to be global giants. So the next time you take a sip from your cuppa tea - you will be tasting heritage, determination and years of expertise all in one.

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  • Phone: +94-11-5665000
  • Location: No:194, Highlevel Road, Kirulapone, Sri Lanka.